A Little History

The Syracuse International Film Festival was created in 1993 as the place where information by, for and about film and media-related programs could be brought to the community: members produce, present and promote programs throughout the year that are created to engage, inspire, and entertain.

Our Founders

The Festival was created in 2003 by our founders, S.U. Professor Owen J. Shapiro and his wife, Christine Fawcett-Shapiro. Their vision and continued guidance and dedication over the past 10 years have helped the organization grow into more than just the Festival.




A volunteer Board of Directors and support from such institutions as Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, Onondaga County (through CNYArts) and various businesses, individuals, and organizations help support our work in the community and beyond.


Over the past ten years, the Syracuse International Film Festival has grown beyond an annual festival event to become a year-round producer of screenings and media-related programs for the whole community. We are now FilmInSyracuse, the place in CNY to get information and news about film, to attend screenings and events. We are also a place for local and international filmmakers to receive the guidance they need to make a film in our community.





Over the past decade, we have expanded and now offer year-round programming. FilmTalks is a collaboration between FilmInSyracuse and Le Moyne College. This is a chance to meet the celebritites of the film world - actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, sound designers, composers, editors, art directors, costume, and makeup designers. Where else in Syracuse can you listen to, ask questions of, and talk to the people who are making some of the biggest and best movies ever seen? Shown at the left, our 2012-13 season closed out with an hilarious, insightful, fascinating talk by actress Siobhan Fallon-Hogan.

Original Brew & View

Original Brew & View offers a chance to see great "cult" films at the Palace and Landmark Theaters. These films are screened in 35mm - on the "BIG SCREEN" - the way they were meant to be seen. This is a great way to watch your favorite movies and have a fun night!

Other Events - and Beyond!

Special events such as pre-screening of movies, writers' workshops and film projects are also included as part of our year-round schedule.

The Syracuse International Film Festival is a reunion; a bringing back to Central New York of its offspring, for the history of cinema has a special place in our community. In addition to being an important location in the development of what was later to become Hollywood, Central New York was also the home of many pioneers in independent and experimental film and video. So the film and video that now returns to us from all continents speaks to the legacy of both traditions: the independent and experimental that attempts to push, probe and expand the boundaries of the art of the moving image, and the mainstream commercial cinema and television. That is why a festival in Syracuse is a sort of homecoming, as our community welcomes the heirs of its legacy as progenitors of the dominant arts of our time.

The Syracuse International Film Festival provides collaboration among the communities, professionals, artists and educational institutions of Syracuse and Central New York. The Festival accepts submissions from professional film and video makers, and has a special category for Central new York filmmakers. In order to qualify, an artist must be a native of Central New York residing elsewhere, presently residing in Central New York, or have received his/her education in Central New York.

Our goals have also included the use of film as a medium to demonstrate the accessibility, relevance, and broad appeal of films from local to international. By reaching out to all segments and age groups in the community with year-round programming, we enrich, inform and entertain the community. As an example of our constant effort to bring new events to the area, look for exciting new devlopment in our partnership with the Landmark Theater in the coming year!We are all things film.

We are all things film.